24 Seven Gn Vol 01 Tpb -- Adam Hughes Alex Maleev Mike Avon Oeming New

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by BECKY CLOONAN, FAREL DALRYMPLE, PHIL HESTER, MIKE HUDDLESTON, ADAM HUGHES, FRAZER IRVING, ALEX MALEEV, JIM MAHFOOD, TONY MOORE, MIKE AVON OEMING, RICK REMENDER, ESAD RIBIC, JOHN NEY RIEBER, EDUARDO RISSO, JIM RUGG, BEN TEMPLESMITH, DANIJEL ZEZELJ and others. cover by ADAM HUGHES July 15 200 pg FC $24.99 24seven features a who's who of today's best writers and artists from comics, film and animation, telling tales of robots in the city that never sleeps. In the vein of FLIGHT, these stories run a cross-genre gamut, from robot zombies to a prison break to a bizarre feud between a Siamese DJ team.  24seven has romance, action, horror...everything you want, all told by a cross-section of the most diverse writers and artists you'll find on the printed page.