Turok Son Of Stone Archives HC Vol 03 (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 03/21/2012

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Trapped in a valley where time has stood still for millions of years, Turok and Andar's struggles to survive lead them into unbelievable adventures. Here, they raise a baby thunderer for a pet; save a caveman's village from a volcano; cunningly use honker eggs to save their own lives; meet people beneath the sea, giants and pygmies; and much, much more! o In early 2008, a seventy-minute animated DVD titled Turok: Son of Stone was released by Classic Media. o Collects Turok, Son of Stone #13-#18. o Turok trading cards also available! Fifty full-color, classic cards! TUROK: SON OF STONE TM and Copyright © by Random House, Inc. Under license to Classic Media, Inc., an Entertainment Rights group company. All right reserved.