Walking Dead TV Series 2 Action Figure Assorted (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 10/31/2012

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Shane Walsh (14451-2) Includes Shotgun. Features gun raising play-action. Rick Grimes (14452-9) Includes Revolver, Rifle w/ Strap and Animal Control Stick. Features interchangeable hands. Bicycle Girl Zombie (14453-6) Includes damaged cell phone and jeans. Play-action features eerie reaching motion. Well Zombie (14454-3) Includes attached rope & canned ham. Features pull-apart play-action. RV Zombie (14455-0) Includes removable screwdriver. Features flip back head play-action. (#14450-5) Assorted Case Pack Information: Standard 12-pack case includes 3 pieces of Walsh & Grimes and 2pieces of each Zombie. Call your local retailer for pricing. Solid Case Pack Information: Standard 12-pack case includes 12 solids of the figure. Refer to individual item codes above when ordering. Figure