Dawn Tpb Vol 01 Lucifers Halo -- Joe Linsner New

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written by JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER art & cover by JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER Back in print, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER is proud to present LUCIFER'S HALO - the first DAWN graphic novel! Featuring 208 pages of glorious full-color painted art, LUCIFER'S HALO tells the post-apocaplyptic tale of New York mercenary, Darrian Ashoka. Darrian catches a glimpse of a mysterious redhead during a bloody battle in Times Square, and his life is turned upside-down. Darrian's quest to find Dawn takes him to the heights of Heaven, the deepest pits of Hell and everywhere in-between. Is it harder to fight angels, demons or yourself? This deluxe repackaging features unpublished art and an introduction by the author. Collects DAWN: LUCIFER'S HALO #1-4