Team Fortress 2 The Heavy Statue Blu Version (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 04/25/2012

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A towering, ham-fisted hulk of a man hailing from the glorious USSR, the Heavy is, as his name suggests, the heaviest class in Team Fortress 2, boasting the highest stamina, the biggest gun, and the slowest foot speed. His firepower is impressive, allowing him to quickly mow down opposing babies, cowards, and teeny-men in seconds. Using actual game files to create the statue, this is the definitive version of the Heavy. He stands roughly 13' tall, including the base, and he comes armed with his signature mini-gun, Sasha. The exclusive BLU versions comes with an extra head and an add-on that transforms Sasha into Natascha. Cast in high-quality polystone, the statue is hand-finished and hand-painted.