Warehouse 13 Claudia Animated Maquette (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 03/28/2012

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Geek Girl With Brass and Sass! She may not be the biggest artifact hunter, but the QMx Claudia Animated Maquette packs all the punch of a full-on Tesla blast. This maquette captures the very essence of Warehouse 13's junior agent and ace techie - Big brown eyes framed by magenta-streaked hair, brass-colored goggles, stylish black leather jacket, black jeans with a Tesla tucked in the back pocket, high-tops and leather gloves, and signature smirk. From her handcuffs necklace to the custom-made buttons on her jacket to the creases in her jeans to the laces on her sneakers, the maquette is richly detailed and exquisitely hand painted. Claudia stands 6' tall on a 'rusty' gear-shaped base that measures 4 5/8' in diameter and 7/8' high.