Turok Son Of Stone Archives HC Vol 07 (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 03/21/2012

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Indian braves Turok and Andar are trapped in a lost valley struggling to survive while they search for a way to return to their true home and tribe. But searching only seems to bring them more peril in this strange place where wonders from earth's prehistoric past thrive: dinosaurs with gaping, hungry jaws, rival tribes of tree-dwelling monkey men and underground spider men, poisonous fruits that change the nature of peaceful beings, ghosts of dinosaurs long dead, and more! o This volume collects issues #38-#43 of Turok, Son of Stone from the Gold Key Comics run (1964-1965). These classic adventures have not been seen since the early 1960s! 'That Dark Horse has brought Turok back in a handsome hardcover edition is not only a treat for longtime comics readers but also a boon for anyone interested in seeing what these books were about.' -graphicnovelreporter.com Look for the new Turok miniseries in next month's Previews.