Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Board Game (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 10/17/2012

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Will Bilbo Baggins, with the help of Gandalf and his Company of Dwarves, safely navigate his way to The Lonely Mountain or will the forces of evil stop him? Featuring head-to-head play and also up to 1 versus 3, players take on the role of Bilbo Baggins, Gollum, and up to 2 other dark foes in this new twist on the epic tale of a Hobbit who stumbles out his door to a world of wonder and danger. In this exciting new board game, acclaimed designer Eric Lang weaves elegant thematic game play with scenes, events and characters from the hit movie. The player's actions are easy to learn, but the strategy behind anticipating and reacting to your opponent's moves with your limited resources provides immense depth of play for even the most experienced players.