Star Wars EpIV ANH Stormtrooper Helmet Replica -- EFX (Pre-Order)

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There were only 6 known 'Hero' Stormtrooper helmets that were made for the original Star Wars film. Up until now, only the whereabouts of 1 helmet was known. This helmet resides in the Lucasfilm archives. Unfortunately, it was missing some of the components including the lens. Then, just by chance, a second owned by a private collector was found! This helmet was still in perfect condition with all of the components, including the lenses, foam padding, and elastic straps! The helmet was in such original condition, that we were able to identify the helmet on screen! Not only did this generous collector allow EFX to take extensive reference photos and measurements of the helmet, but he actually let the helmet be disassembled to cast the inside to make new molds! Thus, by casting the mold of the inside of the helmet, this is an exact duplicate of the original molds used. The Legend Stormtrooper helmet not only replicates the original helmet in process, but all materials as well.