Lost In Space Encyclopedia II (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 07/04/2012

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Bigger and better than ever, the Lost In Space Encyclopedia II now has at least 64 new pages (472 or more total) including 100 new photos (800 total, including 19 all-new color photos)! Find coverage of the 40 books written about Lost in Space, plus an article about the props of Lost in Space and where they came from, with pictures. The script 'Return from Outer Space' is broken down, including episode budget, script revision, storyboards, and more. Plus, the unfilmed Lost in Space scripts, including 'Malice in Wonderspace' and 'Carnival in Space,' are covered as well as the rumored scripts such as 'Space Voucher,' 'Secret of the Jupiter 2,' 'The Great Space Race,' and more!