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AN ECLECTIC AND STYLISH COLLECTION OF COMICS FROM RIAN HUGHES, RENOWNED ILLUSTRATOR AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Features infamous and hard-to-find collaborations with Eisner Award winner GRANT MORRISON: Dan Dare, a post-modern classic that sets the aging and retired iconic British character Dare against a modern British landscape he no longer understands; and Really and Truly, a high-octane psychedelic road-trip torn from the pages of cult comic 2000AD. Hughes' clean graphic style comes to the fore in duotone for The Science Service, written by JOHN FREEMAN, while Hughes explores an evocative noir palette replete with dramatic angular lighting for RAYMOND CHANDLER's Goldfish, adapted by It's Superman author TOM DeHAVEN. In addition to sketchbook pages, merchandise and rare strips-many never seen before or out of print for over a decade-the book features an introduction by comics guru PAUL GRAVETT, who published Hughes' very first strips in his seminal independent comics magazine Escape. Features: GRANT MORRISON DAN DARE GRANT MORRISON REALLY AND TRULY TOM DeHAVEN RAYMOND CHANDLER'S GOLDFISH JOHN FREEMAN THE SCIENCE SERVICE CHRIS REYNOLDS THE LIGHTED CITIES 'Dare is a work of simple and elegant beauty' Time Out 'One of the most successful and prolific British illustrator-designers of the past twenty years' -Roger Sabin, Eye Magazine 'It's definitely not the Dan Dare of old. Morrison completely deconstructs the character, using him as an iconic figure of a better past Dan Dare the brand still says patriotism, individual strength and the dream of a glittering modernist future' -Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International 'Hughes has been credited with doing more than anyone else to elevate the sophistication level of comic book design.' -Michael Dooley, AIGA 'Rian Hughes is a luminescent pop culture demon.' -David Quantick (from the foreword)