Star Wars Black 3-3/4in Action Figure Asst 201303 -- Hasbro(Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 01/29/2014

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NEW for Winter 2014! Hasbro brings a brand new look to a collector classic with their 'Black Series' of 3.75' Star Wars action figures! Featuring all-new sculpts, new decos, and finer detailing than ever before, the 'Black Series' is the new gold standard for Star Wars action figure collectors and enthusiasts, and will include a host of characters from across the Saga, including: Luke Skywalker (Ep. IV), Darth Vader (Ep. V), Clone Pilot (Ep. III), Merumeru (Ep. III), Clone Commander Neyo (Ep. III), Stormtrooper (Ep. IV), Luminara Unduli (Ep. II), Clone Trooper 41st Elite Corps (Ep. II), Vizam (Ep. VI), Darth Plagueis (Expanded Universe), Mace Windu (Clone Wars). Blister card packaging.