Muv-luv Alt Kagami Sumika Ani-Statue -- Kotobukiya (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 04/30/2014

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From Kotobukiya! Up next in the hit line of Ani*Statues from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative side story is another elite pilot decked out in her plug suit, KAGAMI SUMIKA! A main character in Alternative and a childhood friend of Takeru who's all grown up, Sumika appears for the first time in this series in her full plug suit gear. The usually carefree girl rests after a major battle, sitting on an exposed girder in the midst of large-scale destruction. Sumika's unique black and pink plug suit looks great with its intricate details and purple highlights, and you can see the amazing sculptural work in its creases and in the girl's incredibly long and full hair. She even takes the time to give you a shy smile, made even cuter by the look in her huge eyes. Sculpted by Yoshinori Itou, Sumika is over 8 inches tall (1/7 scale) as she sits on her specially designed display base. As an added bonus, the rubble strewn around that base complements those of the other Muv-Luv Plug Suit Ani*Statues, creating a unified theme when you display them together! ? ?ge, ixtl All rights reserved.