Iron Man 3 Starboost Super Alloy 1/4 Scale Figure--Avengers(Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 06/25/2014

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From Play Imaginative! Developed from the 3D CGI models from the Iron Man 3 movie, this version of the Iron Man Mk. 39 Starboost armor is constructed of more than 85% die-cast material. Made with showroom glossy metallic paints, matte metallic paints, and polished metal with protective coating, the figure comes with 1 Starboost helmet (with LED lights in eyes) and die-cast metal torso, underwear, legs, and arms. The figurine has more than 50 points of articulation, articulated flaps and detachable jetpack on suit, double jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders for full range of arm movements, spring-loaded shoulder pad articulation, double jointed elbows and knees, ball jointed wrist and groin, double jointed body, bendable at upper torso, ball jointed ankles with bendable boot front, and fully articulated hands and fingers. The figure has LED lights in eyes, chest, palms, soles of feet and jetpack boosters with a die-cast remote control to control selected LED lights in suit (batteries included).