Christmas Story Village Ralphies House (Pre-Order)

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One of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time is A Christmas Story, and its charming tale of Ralphie and his family has been enjoyed by millions. Department 56 brings Ralphie and his world into your home with their Christmas Story Village houses and accessories. Ralphie and his family go shopping at the Department Store (9' tall). His family marvels at the Leg Lamp in 'Isn't It Beautiful?' (3' tall). A kid quizzes the Department Store Santa (2 1/4' tall), while Ralphie and his friends take the 'Triple Dog Dare' (4 1/2' tall) over whether or not to lick the flagpole. Back at Ralphie's House (6 1/2' tall), the young boy opens his present from Aunt Clara, only to discover that he's been given a 'Pink Nightmare' (2 3/4' tall). With these pieces, you can create your own Christmas village from the world of A Christmas Story!