Conan The Brutal Faux Bronze Statue -- Quarantine Studio

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Estimated Release Date: 6/24/2015

Limited Edition: 100

Quarantine Studio is proud to present, Conan the Brutal Faux Bronze! A warrior who will stop at nothing to lay waste to his enemies, the weapons and costuming reflect the bigness of him, nothing delicate. Forget the necklace, too; this is war. His confidence is in his attitude that once you cross him, you are irrelevant. He has nothing to prove to you or anyone else. He is a brute and a man with a mission and a righteous cause. He doesn't care if you cower in fear, for in short order you are dead. This limited edition 1/6-scale figure stands 14 1/2"" tall on a 7"" x 8"" base littered with relics of battle and the ruins of a once-formidable palace column. This statue comes hand-painted in a numbered edition and packaged in a handsome collector's box.