Topps 2012 Ufc Knockout Trading Card Box (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 02/01/2012

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UFC Knockout, the smash-hit of last year, returns with 1 hit in every pack! 2012 UFC Knockout guarantees 2 autographed relics, 2 autographs, and 4 relics in every box! Every hit is sequentially numbered and new Fist-O-Graph cards are unlike anything collectors have seen before! The base set stars 100 of the premier fighters in the sport, including active superstars, retired legends, fresh up-and-comers, and Strikeforce fighers. The Dual Autographed Fight Mat Relics (numbered to 10) feature 2 fighter autographs and a piece of mat from their fight, while the Between Rounds Autographed Relics (numbered to 8) feature the Octagon girls, pieces of their outfits, and an autograph. 5 cards per pack, 8 packs per box.