Gentle Giant Iron Man Classic Silver Mini-Bust (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 04/25/2012

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A Gentle Giant Release! Before the Red and Gold, there was Silver. In 1963, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark was critically wounded by a booby trap and captured by the Viet Cong during a trip to Vietnam. He was saved by a fellow captive, Ho Yinsen, who constructed a magnetic chest plate to keep dangerous shrapnel from piercing Tony's heart. Faced with the choice of either constructing weapons for the Viet Cong or execution, Stark and Yinsen secretly concocted a plan to escape. Together, they took the munitions they were given and forged a suit of weaponized armor. Although technology has evolved over time and Stark has created a wide variety of Iron Man suits, this highly detailed, hand crafted polystone mini-bust celebrates the original and is a must-have for any serious Iron Man fan. Featuring a light-up Arc Reactor in the chest plate, this humongous limited edition 1/6-scale mini-bust is hand painted, individually numbered and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.