Star Wars Yoda 21in Statue -- Empire Strikes Back Attakus (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 05/30/2012

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A French import from Attakus! Attakus continues its celebration of George Lucas' universe with the most popular Jedi Master in the galaxy in a new prestige format! Remember your amazement the first time you saw Yoda in 'The Empire Strikes Back'? Re-experience this excitement at home with this unique piece of art: a limited edition 21.26'' tall Yoda using the Force on the swamp planet of Dagobah!! This cold cast resin Prestige Statue is highly detailed, beautifully textured and portrays the revered Jedi Master leaning against a tree-trunk at a very intense yet serene moment, perfectly captured by our workshop. This hand painted and hand crafted tour de force is already a legendary statue in the Attakus' line of Star Wars collectibles and will be the centerpiece of your collection.