Queens Blade Rebellion Branwen PVC Figure (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 2/26/2014

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From Yamato USA! The captured dragon warrior Branwen in the new story, Queen's Blade Rebellion, comes to life in 3 dimensions with a sensitive and provocative pose. Branwen is one of the Queen's Army and a Dragon Descendant, one of the most noble and rare beings on the Continent, also known as the Holy Dragon Warriors for serving the dragons in ancient times. Captured by the trainer (and master) Dogura, she has now become a gladiator slave forces to fight against other slaves in the Swamp Witch's Arena, ordered to fight in exchange for the life of her Dragon Ride, Asshar. Created by Odanon, Branwen stands 12"" tall in 1/4.5-scale and features castoff clothing, sword, and a special wooden base.