Doctor Who Tardis Playset w/ 5In Action Figure & Mini Fig (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 04/25/2012

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Imported from the UK! Following its destruction during the tenth Doctor's regeneration, the TARDIS rebuilt itself into a gleaming amalgamation of the best of what came before. The familiar roundels of the original control room have returned, along with the towering central column and TV-scanner screen of the eighth Doctor's TARDIS. The six-sided console is mounted on a transparent walkway in the center of space, allowing the Doctor access to the ship's inner workings from the space beneath. This TARDIS playset is a reproduction of the eleventh Doctor's console room and is nearly 16' tall. This set now includes an eleventh Doctor mini-figure (for use with the Doctor Who Character Building sets) and a 5' scale action figure.