Men In Black II Neuralyzer 1/1 Scale Prop Replica -- MIB 2 (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 09/26/2012

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As featured in the 2002 film Men In Black II, Factory Entertainment's Neuralyzer prop replica was created after exhaustive and careful study of the original props to ensure maximum authenticity. This replica includes all the accurate details and features as seen on the original prop, as well as a number of added functions and features that were seen on screen, but were not actually part of any physical prop. They were instead either added in post-production or with additional equipment and special effects. This has allowed us to create a self-contained replica that is faithful to the functions seen on screen without compromising accuracy. This stunning piece was crafted from high quality materials and used digitally enhanced audio and sound taken directly from the original studio audio track for additional clarity. To display this item to maximum effect, each replica includes a high quality display base, acrylic stand, and acrylic cover.