Doctor Who Monster Invasion Extreme Tcg Booster Ds (Pre-Order)

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Make a child's day with the ultimate game and trading card collection for Doctor Who fans, the Doctor Who Monster Invasion Trading Card Game! In the Doctor's many adventures through time and space, he has encountered monsters and aliens, and he has made friends on Earth and on many worlds. The 165-card base series and the 180-card Extreme series feature cards with the Doctor, his allies, his gadgets, the villains, the monsters, and his mind-blowing adventures. Look out for Rare and Super Rare 3-D cards! Rare cards contain unique codes that will unlock power-ups in the games. If you are lucky enough to find a Super Rare 3-D card, enter the card code on the Monster Invasion website, hold up the marker to your webcam, and you will see the image come to life on your hand! Doctor Who: Monster Invasion Extreme Booster Packs contain 9 cards with at least 7 common cards and 1 rare.