Topps 2013 Tribute Baseball Trading Cards T/C Box (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 03/13/2013

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Topps Tribute returns, featuring the top MLB stars and retired greats on beautiful Tribute technology. The 2013 edition will contain the autographs and relics that you have come to expect from Tribute, with a number of unique, attractive additions! Featuring a 100-card base series, each box will include 3 Autographed Cards and 3 Relic Cards! All Autograph and Relic cards are numbered to 99 or less, and come in various color-levels of rarity. Also look for 'Tribute to the Best of the Best', Framed 'Mini-Tribute', 'Timeless Tribute' and Cut Signature Autograph Cards. Relic subsets feature Batting Gloves, 'Tribute Transitions', 'Commemorative Cuts', 'Retired Remnants', 'Famous Four-Baggers', 'Superstar Swatches', 'Prime Patches', 'Tribute to the Stars' and Relic Parallels. Each pack contains 4 base cards, plus 1 Autograph or Relic card. 6 packs per box.