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Estimated Release Date: 01/29/2014

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THE WORLD WAS ENDING IN 22 HOURS? This uniquely endearing take on the apocalypse is witnessed through the eyes of a young punk named Tom, who takes a remarkably philosophical approach upon learning the world is ending in 22 hours, deciding simply to do a few things he's never done before. First up: get drunk. Next, go get the girl. But along the way, shit happens. The end-of-the-world milieu and Tom's adventures that ensue make for compelling reading on their own, but it's Wolfgang's irresistible character designs, pitch-perfect dialogue, and the relationship between Tom and Edie (the girl) that make the reader fall in love with them. Wolfgang's rubbery, crosshatchy style, reminiscent of early Peter Bagge, perfectly serves this sweet romance set against a hilarious, satirical twist on the End Times.