Monster Scenes Dr Deadly Snap Model Kit (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 01/29/2014

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Although once decried as an unthinkable premise in plastic hobby modeling, Monster Scenes have been on hobbyists' must-have lists since their controversial introduction in 1971. Finally, after more than three decades, hobbyists and modelers are about to see their wildest dreams come true! If you have a taste for the unusual and aren't afraid to teeter on the edge of the unseemly and the insane, then welcome to this little dungeon of diabolical delights! Don't recoil - it's only Monster Scenes, a collection of delightfully devious assembly kits that work together in creepy combinations for some frightfully good fun. Come, acquaint yourself with a deranged doctor, his unsuspecting guest, and his assemblage of unique 'playthings' that will make you gasp - for more! Choose from Dr. Deadly, The Victim, or The Pendulum, and add some unforgettable frights to your collection! Best of all, these model kits require no cement and feature simple, snap-together assembly. Now, who could possibly object to that? Some assembly required.