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Estimated Release Date: 03/27/2013

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They enjoyed their visit so much fifty years ago that they just had to come back and see us again, and like that creepy uncle with his weird wife and kids, they'll move on along when they decide they are good and ready, and since we have decided the Red Planet needs a rover we suspect the Martians will be hanging around here for quite some time. Quarantine Studio is proud to have partnered with the great folks at Topps to produce this spiffy limited edition cold-cast resin statue. Displaying the Mars Attacks alien in the ruins of the once great city of Philadelphia, stalking the streets as he gingerly steps over the frothy corpse of a hapless citizen, this handsome collector's edition figurine stands 14 1/2' tall on a 9' x 10' base that contains enough visceral goo to keep an alien happy!