World of WarCraft TCG Battle Of Aspects Treasure Pack Dis (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 08/08/2012

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Call upon the power of the five Dragon Aspects in this new expansion for the World of WarCraft Trading Card Game! In the World of WarCraft TCG: Battle of the Aspects Raid Deck, gamers will be able to play against the automated Deathwing Raid Deck with 2 or more friends. In addition, the Raid Deck includes cards to help alter gameplay against Deathwing for added replayability. The Rain Deck includes a 60 card deck, 5 oversized Dragon Aspect Multipler Hero Cards, 2 oversized Deathwing Raid Boss Cards, 12 token cards, 8 achievement cards, 4 limb tentacle cards, 1 cataclysim card, treasure pack, and rule book. In the Battle of the Aspects Treasure Packs, gamers will find new class abilities, allies, equipment, and a brand-new Monster master hero, Murozond, the Lord of the Infinite! Treasure Packs have 9 cards per pack (1 Rare or Epic, 2 Uncommon, 6 Common; packs may include 1 Loot in place of 1 Common), 24 packs per box.