Wow Tcg Aftermath Crown Heavens Booster Pack Dis (Pre-Order)

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Estimated Release Date: 02/08/2012

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World of Warcraft: Aftermath-Crown of Heavens introduces new playable Monster hero races and classes: Demons, Dryads, and Ogres! Also in the set are new, exciting powers for each of the featured Monster races... and of course, brand new Murlocs (including an epic Murloc)! Crown of Heavens comes fully loaded with two offerings: the new 36-pack booster display box format, and as an Epic Collection complete with 1 Reusable storage box, 10 Card dividers, 1 playmat, 1 deck box, 6 booster packs, a pocket guide, 5 Random foil heroes and 1 Common Loot card for use in the online WoW MMO!